mobile Sales Rep (mSR)

    mSR Helps in Tracking Actual Stock Movement from Remote, Disconnected Stores Increasing Sales Rep Productivity

    Sales representatives of FMCG and CPG companies make several sales calls a day to book new orders, attend to various customer/retailer queries and inform them of the latest product schemes and discounts available. The mSR app provides sales personnel with the necessary access to perform quick checks on customer/retailer history and product availability as well as on the latest offers.

    Commonly, for FMCG and CPG manufacturers/distributors, retail store’s on-the-shelf inventory is an unknown denomination, especially if the shops are not online. mSR brings this very shelf inventory online with a single tap.


    • View lists of stores to be visited in a week
    • View latest product information/offers
    • Check all product’s stock availability
    • Check current price lists
    • Place/confirm new orders
    • View individual customer/retailer data
    • Check previous customer/retailer history
    • Spot slow/fast moving SKUs/stocks early

    A Mobile App for Your Sales Reps can Help You:

    • Improve supply chain efficiency.
    • Gain better visibility of on-the-shelf inventory even from remote, disconnected stores.
    • Improve production & distribution planning with accurate stock movement data.
    • Boost sales staff productivity.


    This app directly connects to the SAP ERP system and is a complete SAP Sales & Distribution (SD) front-end solution. It includes features like customer credit checks and access to information on the latest schemes of products. It also provides FMCG and CPG companies with a strategic view of retail store-wise, market’s pipeline requirements at individual SKU levels, resulting in an overall improvement in their supply chain management.

    • Sales reps gain anywhere, anytime access to customers & all product data from SAP helping them maximize their productivity & effectiveness.
    • CPG & FMCG companies get unparalleled access to actual stock movement & retail sales data to feed their production, procurement & promotion plans.

    Technical Information:

    • Built using the SAP Mobile Platform
    • Fully integrates with standard SAP ERP’s SD module
    • Integrates with Google Maps