mobile Med Records (mMR)


Mobilize Your Electronic Patient Records & Enhance Caregiver Productivity by Deploying mMR

Maintaining and retrieving patient records is one of the most important and critical tasks that doctors have to perform daily. Hospitals have an increasing number of cases everyday, hence it has now become quite stressful for physicians to retrieve patient data for quick reference in diagnosis or in handling emergencies.

With mMR implemented in a healthcare organization, doctors can access any patient’s records, medical history and reports on their fingertips. They can take notes and give recommendations on the same within a matter of minutes. This drastically reduces diagnosis time and patients get care, faster than ever. Make informed decisions and enable collaborations to improve clinical outcomes, while ensuring the privacy and security of patient data.

mMR Features:

  • Bi-directional data synchronization
  • Patient Details-Navigate full patient history
  • Initial Assessments-View patient’s demographic details with diagnosis
  • HAI Assessments-View patient’s HAI assessments
  • Laboratory-View patient’s investigation results, also request for new investigations
  • Radiology-View patient’s radiology results like X-rays, CT scans images & others, also request for new radiology investigations
  • Notes-View previous notes by consultants & add notes with date & time stamps
  • Prescriptions-Doctors can prescribe medicines on their devices that reflect back into the pharmacy module
  • Discharge Summaries-Doctors can create discharge summaries & request for a patient’s discharge with a single click