Consumer App Development


Leverage Your Enterprise with Innovative Consumer Apps on Cutting-Edge Platforms from KloudData - Find Out How with Real-Life Case Studies.

Mobile technologies have emerged as one of the fastest growing and most widely adopted technology segments. With rapid innovations and cost reductions, user adoption has grown tremendously. As end users have gotten more mobile savvy, the app and gaming markets have also been growing rapidly and have overtaken the desktop market. Software‚ designed for modern mobile phones‚ according to most predictions‚ will allow mobile devices to almost fully replace desktops or personal computers in the near future.

Mobile apps, which were traditionally to enable add-on features in mobile phones, have now evolved into productivity applications. The market place is teeming with apps that help users network, communicate, buy/sell, browse and perform interactions which were restricted to internet-enabled desktops and laptops till a couple of years ago. Most organizations have realized the business potential of this segment and are looking into opportunities to extend their traditional applications through mobile apps for their consumers.

At KloudData, we have been in the mobile app development space since the time it was considered a niche development segment. This is evident from the depth and reach of our service offerings across most of the mobile development platforms beyond just iOS and Andriod.

We specialize in developing apps on the earliest platforms like BREW, J2ME, Symbian, Blackberry as well as the latest cutting-edge platforms like iOS and Android and cater to all device forms in both the mobile and tablet spaces (iPads, Android Tablets, Playbooks etc).