Healthcare & Life Sciences

    At KloudData, we are your experienced partner in increasing efficiency and reducing costs and risks.

    Healthcare provisioning and the life sciences industry segment is the largest industry segment in the USA, taking almost 20% of the US GDP. The outlays in this area over the next 10 years are expected to continue increasing as the aging population entering retirement increases and need additional care. Demands for new drugs, better medical devices and cost pressures are pushing the need to increase efficiency, provide better risk management and reduce the need for redundant testing based on data. Records management, regulatory compliance and better data analysis/management for clinical trials is now mandatory needing cutting-edge solutions.

    Life science companies are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of people across the world. While the industry has made significant progress across many medical conditions, there continues to be tremendous opportunities across many other disease areas and patient population, including those whose needs are not being met. Oncology, cardiology, neurosciences and immunology are just some of the areas that hold promise today.

    As life science companies continue their search for novel health solutions, they face growing consumer and portfolio, regulatory and operating challenges creating unprecedented complexities and opportunities. For these companies, finding the best and fastest path to high performance is essential to create and sustain competitive differentiation and market dominance.

    KloudData services for healthcare providers and life science companies are designed to increase efficiency, reduce risks and achieve positive outcomes. As a leading IT consulting company with best industry partnerships with SAP, Sybase and Microsoft, we focus on using industry best practices in building, integrating and maintaining enterprise solutions and business analytics. We also provide consulting and domain knowledge expertise for achieving regulatory compliance, and for increasing security and privacy of patient management information based on our experience.

    For Healthcare organizations and Life Science companies (pharmaceutical, drugs & bio-tech, medical devices & CROs), our services include:

    • Health information management (EMR, eHealth from SAP)
    • Hospital systems & payer systems (disease management, revenue cycles, claims management, inpatient management, pharmacies)
    • Security (information security practices, tools) & GRC/compliance to regulations (HIPAA, SOX, COBIT, GLBA, PCI, SB 1386)
    • Quality assurance (GMP, GLP, GCP), audits & FDA compliance validation (methods, processes, equipment, 21 cfr part 11)
    • Clinical & drug discovery systems (clinical trials, AERS, LIMS)
    • IT systems (SAS: statistical analysis/reporting, bio-informatics & quality of care, staffing load analytics solutions, alert systems)
    • Fraud detection and claims processing utilizing text analytics
    • Mobility solutions based on workflows and the SAP Mobile Platform (SMP)