Financial Services

    According to CEBR’s recent Cloud Dividend report, 60-80% of the finance industry will have moved to some form of the cloud by 2015. In today’s economy with more demands for resources and less money to spare, the cloud is the perfect solution. In order to run at reduced costs, improved productivity and higher revenues, the cloud allows financial service companies to reduce data center wastes and dynamically manage resources. As a highly specialized Cloud Consulting Firm – KloudData, is ready to help your company make the leap with our revolutionary Cloud Computing Partners.

    Our partners and leaders in virtualization, Citrix and VMware, each provide high quality cloud solutions for the financial sector. Citrix boasts of strong security options and compliance, remote and branch office worker support, continuous services and easy to use applications in a way that reduces costs in a typically cloud fashion. VMware offers lower total cost of ownership, enables applications to run at maximum service level and revolutionizes your customer experience with their virtual financial solutions currently in use by all Fortune 100 companies. Both companies value customer privacy and security highly and provide options in multi-level access and strong security authentication within their virtual platforms.

    SAP BusinessObjects provides companies with a worldwide system that allows organizations to use a single database to run all of the programs and software applications within their business. SAP’s cloud database assists financial teams in accurately managing costs and optimizing profitability. Using these cloud offerings, companies can provide a unified view of all business activities while also integrating risk management to reduce frauds. With a complete view of your business, SAP BusinessObjects allows you to proactively manage risks and focus on profitable markets, customers and products.

    Sybase’s mobile enterprise, Afaria ensures that all data stored and transmitted by mobile devices is secure. The use of their cloud application allows IT to deliver and fix upgrades without user involvement ensuring that users have correct software and up-to-date data. This secure mobile application makes the offering perfect for financial service companies looking to provide mobile features to their clients. The feature enables end-to-end mobile banking, introduces a new channel to interact with customers and adapts to all networks and mobile devices.

    With KloudData, your company will have access to personal, onsite attention from our financial services industry specialists, our most creative thinking and evolving best-of-breed tool sets will be applied to your unique business requirements, along with the business agility necessary to contend with every up and down of the economic cycle. This highly specialized consulting team will come with access to our highest performing partners to ensure that all your business needs are taken care of.