ECM Overview

    ECM Overview

    Control the Cost of Growing Volume of Content and Improve Business Productivity with Enterprise Content Management

    Enterprise Content Management allows customers to efficiently manage unstructured and structured content in the context of business processes across entire content lifecycles.

    Enterprise Content Management systems provide business users with quick access to the right information and services they need to help them do their jobs more efficiently, make better informed business decisions and enable their organizations to become smarter, bringing in a competitive edge.

    The KloudData Enterprise Content Management team has been working with various sized commercial organizations and government agencies for a decade, delivering cost-effective and easy to adopt content and document management solutions. The team has been successful in envisioning, strategizing, designing and implementing these solutions using an Evolutionary Approach. We have been continuously reviewing technologies and advising customers accordingly with the right solutions.

    Our Evolutionary Approach to Enterprise Content Management helps customers achieve not only a speed to market but also a speed to benefits and better ROI content management strategy. We provide them with relevant content to enhance their decision making capabilities at the enterprise level.

    We strive to help our customers make the transition from an unstructured, people-dependent and ad-hoc process to a role-based, automated and more structured process. While also aligning this process with the overall management goals of enforcing security, audit trails and reporting, in as seamless a manner as possible.

    Our team helps customers in document management, version controls, security and other services for business documents. We help them manage dynamic content and user interactions and also provide workflows for supporting business processes, routing content and creating audit trails.

    At KloudData, we believe each customer is unique with different business objectives and drivers. Though most of our developed solutions can be used by companies across industries, we believe the success of our solutions lie in our evolutionary deployment that allows us to educate and train users at a pace which is comfortable to their organizations.

    We have engaged with customers of various sizes through flexible engagement types ranging from flexible capacity partners to managed deployments and special expertise engagements.