Big Data

    Big Data

    Approximately 5 Exabytes of data has been created, from the beginning of time till 2003. The same amount is now generated every 2 days.

    Big Data and Advanced Analytics

    The term big data has come to be used to describe multi-terabytes of data sets. As more and more organizations are stepping out of the traditional boundaries of the enterprise to understand the impact of the environment on their business, big data keeps growing bigger. Social media channels, websites, automatic censors at the workplace and robotics are producing a plethora of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data. Advanced analytics based on big data is the art of putting all these fragmented and often disconnected pieces together and generate actionable insights for the enterprise.

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    3 Dimensions of Innovation by Aiaz Kazi – SVP, SAP Solutions

    KloudData understands the new ways in which enterprises interact with their customers and business partners and appreciates the need to adjust business analytics to include the variety of formats in which data is being generated and captured across multiple channels today. KloudData’s big data offering is designed to accelerate the development and adoption of big data analytics solutions that leverage from extended platforms like Sybase IQ and Hadoop.

    We partner with SAP, Sybase and Hortonworks to accelerate the development and adoption of big data with advanced analytics solutions like:

    • Sentiments Analysis
    • Text Analytics
    • Volume Trending
    • Influencer Identifications
    • Predictive Analytics
    • In-memory Analytics
    • Massively Scalable Architectures

    KloudData is one of the first partners, who has become enabled to go to market with SAP’s High Performance Analytics Appliance (HANA), the revolutionary new analytics engine from SAP. SAP HANA is based on columnar database technology and can rev up computing by a factor of up to 3600x.

    Our big data offerings on the other hand, enrich existing enterprise data architecture with data flowing through unconventional channels like social media avenues, so as to augment the value of the analytics solutions being offered. Sentiment analysis to capture consumer reactions to a product launch on Twitter for example, can help a cell phone manufacturer understand what a user values more – a good display or an efficient battery. Similarly, text analytics presents enormous possibilities to improve time in diagnosis in healthcare services.

    KloudData aims to provide customers with an efficient and cost-effective means for storing, mining, extracting, analyzing and presenting big data in highly consumable formats to empower business users to take better informed decisions. Our objective is to present highly available and scalable analytics solutions to transform decision making at the fastest moving enterprises of today.