SAP Data Services

    SAP Data Services

    Unlock the value of your data with end-to-end data integration and quality management solutions from SAP

    Establish a modern information management infrastructure with KloudData Data Services that integrate many different roles — from data stewards and business analysts to data architects and IT developers — each with different tasks to perform and different skills to apply. Our solutions enhance collaborations across roles and enable each person involved to use the technology more and spend less time doing it.

    Data Access

    With this software, you can access, integrate, and process structured and unstructured content from a variety of data sources across your enterprise.

    We select and develop open, platform neutral software to accesses data of virtually all types and make it accessible, meaningful and usable to the people and processes that need it.

    Data Architecture & Design

    We have a proven set of strategic tools for integrating data across business processes and applications.

    As systems initially were not using a common platform or a common process, they could not integrate easily with systems in other operating units. Each operating unit was creating its integration strategies using its own architecture, tools and data standards. This approach prevented them from leveraging enterprise solutions deployed at other operating units and minimized knowledge sharing. The results were high maintenance costs and many disparate applications and business processes across the enterprise. There was often duplication of efforts that prevented the business from working efficiently.

    We help you build an architecture and integration methodology which serves as a framework to allow operating units to connect with each other, as well as with their external business partners using a common approach. As a result, the separate units are better able to integrate information and use common processes and tools.

    Data Analysis

    We combine our consulting expertise with our in-depth, hands on knowledge of products into a complete set of data investigation, discovery and mapping tools that are used by data analysts for planning complex data migration and data integration projects.

    We also do end-to-end data profiling which completes an accurate picture of enterprise data across processes. Our best practices alert users to incompatibilities between sources and targets and identify issues that can cause downstream integration issues and ensure that there are no surprises – so that valuable IT initiatives can proceed on time, on budget, with minimum risks.

    Data Quality

    A unique, business-focused data quality methodology with powerful software that allows data owners to design, manage, deploy and control enterprise-wide data quality solutions.
    This enterprise-class methodology provides a single solution for tackling data quality at multiple points across the organization, while maintaining centralized controls and management of data quality standards.

    Our planning and strategy in combinations with tools and technologies enables business information owners to take control of enterprise-wide data quality, empowering the right people in the organization to implement effective and lasting data quality processes.

    Data Migration & Data Integration

    We offer our expertise in data migration which is the process to migrate data from source systems to centralized repositories that can be one time or periodically scheduled.

    We also offer our expertise in data integration which is the process of combining data from multiple sources.

    Take advantage of our methodology, best practices and IP for data migration & integration from multiple, disparate, heterogeneous data sources which we achieve using the ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) functionality.

    Using the ETL functionality, we can extract data from various data sources, transform the data to meet reporting needs and load data into target data sources such as data marts and data warehouses.

    Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence

    We build, scale up and maintain data marts and data warehouses with trust worthy, actionable and authoritative data to reduce costs, time, and risks.

    Our strategy planning for enterprise data warehousing is proven to help IT departments in implementing data marts and departmental data warehouses and readily scale them up to enterprise data warehousing environments.

    Data marts serve as the foundation for all data warehousing and enterprise data warehousing projects. They accelerate deployment, minimizing costs and risks by ensuring that enterprise data warehouses are populated and maintained with trustworthy, actionable and authoritative data.

    We combine our business and technical expertise to implement complex business rules like custom hierarchies, slowly changing dimensions, big dimensions, history preserving etc.

    Data Governance

    At KloudData, we understand that poor governance and lack of communications account for over 85% of the issues in a data integration project. We help you to implement well-defined and well understood governance structures and processes for decision making, controls, accountability and executive management of Master Data.

    The Objectives of Data Governance are:

    • Ensure that business priorities and requirements guide implementation efforts.
    • Deliver a framework that aligns information requirements with business catalysts.
    • Develop a repeatable and consistent approach to business and technical priorities.
    • Provide consistent information management practices across the enterprise.
    • Adapt quickly to take advantage of changing business conditions.
    • Allow core, shared and unique information needs to drive reporting strategies and delivery approach.

    The Benefits of Data Governance are:

    • Increase productivity by using a single data management application.
    • Make better-informed decisions based on trusted, timely information.
    • Enhance business process efficiency with access to one version of the truth across the enterprise.