Business insights at the speed of Vroom! SAP HANA analyzes massive amounts of data 3600x faster!

SAP HANA Delivers on the Promise of Real-time Analysis

SAP HANA instantly augments and accelerates reporting to generate lightning quick business intelligence in user friendly, visual reports and helps you leverage from critical business data as it flows in.

SAP HANA Helps You Manage Risks in Real-time

Smart business decisions require actionable information. Many organizations struggle with slow and often obsolete data. Rapidly growing data volumes make it increasingly difficult to identify, access and analyze the right data. Extracting and analyzing the right data within seconds to support smarter business decisions has become a universal challenge. Real-time data access without disrupting the existing IT environment is the need of the hour.

SAP HANA Delivers Real-time Value to Business

SAP HANA enables organizations to analyze their business operations, using huge volumes of information, as the business happens. Organizations can instantly explore and analyze all of their transactional and analytical data in real-time from virtually any data source. Operational data is captured in-memory, as it occurs and flexible views expose analytical information at the speed of thought. External data can be easily added to analytical models to incorporate data from across the organization.

How Fast is HANA Fast Delivery?

SAP HANA makes applications hundred times faster, by moving computation intensive processing logic from the application layer to the data layer.

The SAP database is a hybrid in-memory database that combines row-based, column-based and object-based database technology. It is optimized to exploit parallel processing capabilities of modern multi-core/CPU architecture. With this architecture, SAP applications can continue benefiting from current hardware technologies.

New approach of SAP HANA enables real-time computing that supports fast and accurate decision making.