Analytics Demos

    Transform K-12 Education

    Analytics targeted at improving academic outcome at your school

    Reduce drop-out rates, monitor student-teacher ratio, improve academic results and manage various school funds with dashboards and reports designed specifically for administrators and teachers, even students and parents.
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    What if Analysis on Balance Sheet

    Forecast end of the year numbers based on different performance scenarios

    Do a what-if-analysis to understand the impact of changes in financial ratios in this easy-on-the-eyes representation of the Balance Sheet. Access the interactive financial statement here.
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    Slice and Dice the Profit and Loss Statement

    Compare company performance against industry and other standards

    Run an interactive comparison with industry and other standards. Also slice and dice budget and actual financial numbers based on region, year.
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    Monitor Patient Feedback

    Analyze treatment and monitor feedback to improve service

    Different lines of treatment, patient feedback, patient outcomes for different diseases and locations/hospitals in easy to use dashboards. Prescribed for hospital staff and management alike to improve service quality.
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